Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Can you ever make a choice that goes against your desires? My answer is no.

The action of choosing any choice means that that was the choice you wanted. Even if you make a choice for the deliberate perpose of making a choice you didnt want to make, that is still the choice you wanted to make. For example you have the choice to get 100$ or pay 100$, most people would choose to get the 100$. But even if you choose to pay 100$ that is the choice you wanted to make, even if the only reason for making that choice is to go aginst your desires, you are actually still following your desires, your current desire being to go aginst your desires. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Moment

We are always in the present. The future is what we call the past when it has become the present. And the past is simply what we leave behind in the future. The terminology of seconds, miliseconds, etc. does not apply to existence. Terminology like this uses intervals to track change. But change is continuous. Hence, if change is forever occurring, how can it be classified into parts? It cannot, since seconds, milliseconds, and so on, are randomly defined intervals.

"The moment" is a function of change, not time. And, since change is attributable to force, so too are moments. Therefore, the present "moment" is the expression of changes due to forces. Because forces are absolute, and are not subject to change, but are given to bringing change about, there is no time involved in reality. Reality is continuous change brought about by eternal forces. 
Hence, the present is an everlasting moment which merely changes according to forces of nature and forces of will.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Honor and dishonor are perceptions that we have about relationships.

Honor has a place in the world. It is an active respect we place
upon something, most often a living being. If you truly honor
someone or something, the show of respect is NEVER

The thing that seems to be lacking today is leaders who display
a marked nobility of mind and examples of high character. It is a
little difficult to honor leaders who compromise their integrity for
power. When you find yourself going to many election polls and
voting for the least of two evils, it says something about honor in
leadership to me. On the other hand, the world is full of people
well worth honoring, loved ones, friends.

Sunday, March 11, 2012



 What is "true" Meaning, or is there Meaning at all?  

The "Meaning" of a protein is to create a substance.

The" Meaning" of the substance is to nourish an organism.

The "Meaning" of the organism is to reproduce.

The "Meaning" of reproduction is to facilitate evolution. (Hypothetical)

The "Meaning" of evolution is to create an intellect. (Hypothetical)

The "Meaning" of an intellect is to understand the universe. (Hypothetical)... so-on.

In this way we can see that "Meaning" is relative, and that it can go on to infinity. Meaning is not a natural concept. It seems to me that the unconscious universe does not require meaning or purpose. As conscious elements of the universe we create and assign meaning.  
Meaning is an essential quality of consciousness.
Meaning is not an essential quality of the universe. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Personal Identity

I view personhood as a public and private self. My public self is defined by my genetic makeup and nothing more. My private self would be define by my memory. If I woke up today with no memory, then I would not be me. What defines me is my pyschological states, which in turn are defined by my memory. The problem is, that my memory is not constant.
Personal identity is always changing, there is never a time in which you are identical to yourself because you will never be yourself for more than a moment. 


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Do you hope?


Hope is the thing that keeps you going. When your legs are tired, when you can't seem to go on, a glimmer of hope gives you reason to go on.

You want to give up, you want to let go, but you can't because of hope. You go to work, hoping it will get better, hoping for retirement. You stand in line, hoping it will only be another hour.
Hope keeps you holding on, like a story line you can't stop listening too, because you want to know how it ends.

Surrender is without hope and it doesn't care. That's freedom.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Trust? Honesty?

Honesty and trust are sometimes, or often, an abuse of truth.
We profess that we're just "being honest" to friends or other people, and proceed to tell the truth. "You are too stubborn', 'They are elitist', 'He is too arrogant'..etc. And yet, this "truth" that we often call the truth are often just opinion on individual taste and has no measure of 'what is'.

Trust is also subject to the same inclination as honesty. We put our trust on others whom we thought we could trust. Based on what? What did we use as criteria for this trust we put on others? We say often, "I trust him or her because he is my friend." Does this pass the test of logic? No, it only passes the test of inclination. And this is not to say we are blameworthy for this inclination, it is only to say it was never based on logic.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our life and...


I think that passion is evolution's innovation to answer the question "should I choose to continue living?" that creatures with intelligence will no doubt start to ask. Passion keeps us happy and motivated enough to choose to continue living.

I do not think that any passion can or should be "infinite". I think that a person should explore and develop several passions. I would define passion (and love) as something in your life that is not comparable to any other parts of your life; your passion becomes the ideal.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Stay always Positive? No...

Positive thinking groups turn a harmless idea into something vexed and debatable, in my opinion. How is it vexed? For example, if only the positive aspects of life are fostered there is a danger that the negative aspects of life will be ignored. On a personal level this could lead to false hope and undervaluation of an important part of the human condition; for society as whole there is a danger that those who do not conform to positive thinking, or aren't able to, are ignored and degraded.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

We know...


What can we actually say that we know, as a fact? We cannot know things for certain from a "second hand" source, as the information may be skewed in its transferral. So what we would only know for certain is what we experience. But can we not be deceived by our eyes and our ears? Our senses are flawed in themselves, we cannot hear everything correctly or see everything perfectly. Even when we do we usually distort it with our own perspective, our own judgement. 

It amazes me how well everything works in the world despite this chance of being mistaken.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Norm

Why do People go with the norm?
Without trying to sound like a conspiracy freak, the norm is a system of slavery. Given we are bond slaves of course, the norm may disagree with personal views of life or whatnot, but the norm provides social protection and commune which helps with human relation. Every human wants to be noticed by someone else or others, the norm provides a grounds for making new friends as long as you are adaptable to those friends.  

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sorry, its been a while since I posted last.
In the last two weeks I had too much stress with other things.
I will get back to it soon so don't worry ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012

 The Free Will

I believe free will is nothing more than a fabrication of the human condition. It is an illusion that we accept because we cannot observe all the process that are involved in making a "choice". I believe in science. So far, all proven theories, (that is theories that can tie actions we have witnessed to there fundamental properties) point to the realisation that all actions in the universe can be broken down to basic laws and actions. I'm not implying that we understand all of these basic laws, but it seems logical to me, that all things are composed of numerous complex reactions (from what has been observed).

Therefore we can infer that all human actions are our primal actions (genes) interpreting and acting our surroundings. Now, this may seem unlikely or even absurd, but the only reason we perceive it that way, is due to our lack of understanding in the numerous process present within the action of human thought. The actions we react to themselves are determined by rules, so it can be inferred that the interpretation of these actions can only occur in one way, the way they occur, and so it would appear as if we all are tied by this predetermined "fate" of action reaction.

In conclusion, human error does not exist we only act in the way we do, and that is the only way we can act.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

 The Absurd

The absurd to me, is the denial of the necessary. The world's unwillingness to yield to logic, and value. The world's inability to provide for its progeny. It is foundationless structures, and formless forms. It is purposeless striving, urgent intensity, and arbitrary passion. Its deterministic freedom, original sameness, and dead spirits. Its hollow solidity, isolated unity -- it is hope and despair.

It is life, it is death.

So what do we do about it? All answers that do not heartily embrace it are windmills in a hurricane. To deny it, what it denies us seems just, but it is a petty, child-like justice of spite. It lacks the magnanimity of a more mature justice. I say embrace it! Pull the absurd in close, and laugh. Laugh at yourself, laugh at the world. Laugh with joy and acceptance. Let the laughter echo from the finite edges of the boundless, and resonate with it; for we may not laugh last, we tiny creatures, but we may laugh best.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Violence is an answer?

Everywhere i hear people saying that violence is NEVER the answer.
Not only do I think that violence is something not in-itself evil or bad, but it is something essential within the world, being an unavoidable aspect of it.

Evolution requires violence. It requires bloodshed in order for stronger types to evolve and adapt themselves to conditions whereby the sprouting of greater intelligence may be had. Our technological civilization of laws and amenities was only brought about due to the violence done to countless generations previous, who labored as the brick-builders of this our current epoch in time. It is due to such violent tendencies in our world that goodness, virtue, perseverance, progress and art may finally bloom into existence. It is violence that prevents us from turning mediocre and overly comfortable.  We strive for perfection because we want a non-violent existence. It is violence which makes us keep on keepin' on, and more.

Friday, January 6, 2012

 Just a short sentence today:

Do not doubt him who tells you he is afraid, but be afraid of him who tells you he has no doubts.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rammstein: Waidmannsheil 
Great Song, Great Band

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another year has passed.
Wishing a Happy New Year to One and All, may it be a good one. 

Good Lord my head hurts....I'm going back to bed!