Monday, March 19, 2012


Honor and dishonor are perceptions that we have about relationships.

Honor has a place in the world. It is an active respect we place
upon something, most often a living being. If you truly honor
someone or something, the show of respect is NEVER

The thing that seems to be lacking today is leaders who display
a marked nobility of mind and examples of high character. It is a
little difficult to honor leaders who compromise their integrity for
power. When you find yourself going to many election polls and
voting for the least of two evils, it says something about honor in
leadership to me. On the other hand, the world is full of people
well worth honoring, loved ones, friends.

Sunday, March 11, 2012



 What is "true" Meaning, or is there Meaning at all?  

The "Meaning" of a protein is to create a substance.

The" Meaning" of the substance is to nourish an organism.

The "Meaning" of the organism is to reproduce.

The "Meaning" of reproduction is to facilitate evolution. (Hypothetical)

The "Meaning" of evolution is to create an intellect. (Hypothetical)

The "Meaning" of an intellect is to understand the universe. (Hypothetical)... so-on.

In this way we can see that "Meaning" is relative, and that it can go on to infinity. Meaning is not a natural concept. It seems to me that the unconscious universe does not require meaning or purpose. As conscious elements of the universe we create and assign meaning.  
Meaning is an essential quality of consciousness.
Meaning is not an essential quality of the universe. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Personal Identity

I view personhood as a public and private self. My public self is defined by my genetic makeup and nothing more. My private self would be define by my memory. If I woke up today with no memory, then I would not be me. What defines me is my pyschological states, which in turn are defined by my memory. The problem is, that my memory is not constant.
Personal identity is always changing, there is never a time in which you are identical to yourself because you will never be yourself for more than a moment.