Sunday, March 11, 2012



 What is "true" Meaning, or is there Meaning at all?  

The "Meaning" of a protein is to create a substance.

The" Meaning" of the substance is to nourish an organism.

The "Meaning" of the organism is to reproduce.

The "Meaning" of reproduction is to facilitate evolution. (Hypothetical)

The "Meaning" of evolution is to create an intellect. (Hypothetical)

The "Meaning" of an intellect is to understand the universe. (Hypothetical)... so-on.

In this way we can see that "Meaning" is relative, and that it can go on to infinity. Meaning is not a natural concept. It seems to me that the unconscious universe does not require meaning or purpose. As conscious elements of the universe we create and assign meaning.  
Meaning is an essential quality of consciousness.
Meaning is not an essential quality of the universe. 


  1. Well, yes, true. We have the need to find meaning for ourselves. The I sometimes think that that is one of the cons of intelligence. So many choices on what to believe, how do you know what is real?

  2. you say and so-on, but the next thing would be: "the meaning of the universe is to...". And i think that we're already stuck here