Monday, April 9, 2012

The Moment

We are always in the present. The future is what we call the past when it has become the present. And the past is simply what we leave behind in the future. The terminology of seconds, miliseconds, etc. does not apply to existence. Terminology like this uses intervals to track change. But change is continuous. Hence, if change is forever occurring, how can it be classified into parts? It cannot, since seconds, milliseconds, and so on, are randomly defined intervals.

"The moment" is a function of change, not time. And, since change is attributable to force, so too are moments. Therefore, the present "moment" is the expression of changes due to forces. Because forces are absolute, and are not subject to change, but are given to bringing change about, there is no time involved in reality. Reality is continuous change brought about by eternal forces. 
Hence, the present is an everlasting moment which merely changes according to forces of nature and forces of will.


  1. That is so true. Thank you for putting it so simply

  2. I loved the clock the most.