Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our life and...


I think that passion is evolution's innovation to answer the question "should I choose to continue living?" that creatures with intelligence will no doubt start to ask. Passion keeps us happy and motivated enough to choose to continue living.

I do not think that any passion can or should be "infinite". I think that a person should explore and develop several passions. I would define passion (and love) as something in your life that is not comparable to any other parts of your life; your passion becomes the ideal.


  1. Oooo, great blog! Reading back older stuff but following you now!

  2. thus far i've found it difficult to find one thing and stay passionate about it for long lengths of time. My focus is always shifting to new interests

  3. Can't agree more on that statement. As long as you have something to live for, suicide is never an option.

  4. Do you think love can or should be infinite?

    Interesting blog, I like what you have to say. Following.

  5. I agree that too much passion is not always a good thing. Everything is good in moderation.