Saturday, February 18, 2012


Trust? Honesty?

Honesty and trust are sometimes, or often, an abuse of truth.
We profess that we're just "being honest" to friends or other people, and proceed to tell the truth. "You are too stubborn', 'They are elitist', 'He is too arrogant'..etc. And yet, this "truth" that we often call the truth are often just opinion on individual taste and has no measure of 'what is'.

Trust is also subject to the same inclination as honesty. We put our trust on others whom we thought we could trust. Based on what? What did we use as criteria for this trust we put on others? We say often, "I trust him or her because he is my friend." Does this pass the test of logic? No, it only passes the test of inclination. And this is not to say we are blameworthy for this inclination, it is only to say it was never based on logic.


  1. I like this, it really makes you think about things. Thanks!

  2. I have many friends who I trust to be honest, but few I trust to tell the truth.

  3. A truth that hurts is not always worthy to be spoken

  4. Never thought about trust in that way, very interesting.

    Btw, i nominated you for the "Liebster Blog Award"! <- check it out!

  5. Well if you are friends with someone you probably know them and that might be grounds for actual trust. There's a difference to what you trust people with as well.