Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Stay always Positive? No...

Positive thinking groups turn a harmless idea into something vexed and debatable, in my opinion. How is it vexed? For example, if only the positive aspects of life are fostered there is a danger that the negative aspects of life will be ignored. On a personal level this could lead to false hope and undervaluation of an important part of the human condition; for society as whole there is a danger that those who do not conform to positive thinking, or aren't able to, are ignored and degraded.


  1. I think this applies more to society as a whole than individual people.

  2. Interesting thoughts.
    I don`t know, I guess people have to be positive but in the same time they shouldn`t lose touch with reality.

  3. there's nothing positive about being delusional and refusing to accept things for how they truly are.

  4. Interesting. Thanks for the share.